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What makes the Data Science improvements for Cybersecurity remarkable?

by Athena Team on January 18, 2019 under Data Science | No comments

Companies across the globe are trying to make the most out of data science advancements. They are also successful in creating data-driven ecosystems and obtaining valuable business insights through data science, which yields tangible benefits. Standout technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation create a complex integrated network.Continue Reading

Potential RPA use cases in multiple industries and its benefits: Infographic

by Athena Team on January 7, 2019 under RPA | No comments

RPA is considered to be a game changer in the present age. Businesses are adopting various tools and the number increases every year. Thus, the need of integration arises but legacy systems might not support integration with modern tools. RPA brings a solution to such complexities. Another reason companies show interest in RPA implementation isContinue Reading

6 Data Science Use Cases in Healthcare

by Athena Team on December 21, 2018 under Data Science | No comments

Since there are multiple sources to collect healthcare information, data science can be utilized efficiently to yield better advancements in the healthcare industry, through appropriate decision making. Data gathered from patient behaviour, proven care methods, response and other information can provide insights to improve operations in this patient-oriented industry. Let’s discuss a few major useContinue Reading

RPA Predictions for 2019: Infographic

by Athena Team on December 14, 2018 under RPA | No comments

RPA has delivered a great competitive edge to the businesses in 2018, since it can save labor and time to concentrate on the more creative aspects to keep companies growing. RPA market is expected to reach maturity in 2019. Now, let’s look into a few of the interesting predictions of RPA for 2019. Click hereContinue Reading