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26 blockchain use cases athena

Ultimate Cheat Sheet on 26 Blockchain Use Cases

by Athena Team on July 18, 2018 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

Now that we have understood what is blockchain and the several analytical aspects of this advanced technology in our previous post, we are back again with a follow-up piece on blockchain use cases. In this post, we have illustrated 26 blockchain use cases which illustrate how blockchain technology services are being put to real use.Continue Reading

fb did not shut down ai because bots invented new language

Truth Behind Why FB Shut Down AI: Not Because It Invented New Language

by Athena Team on July 16, 2018 under Artificial Intelligence | No comments

In 2017, people on Quora were mostly discussing on one much-publicized question – What had gone wrong that forced Facebook to shut down its own AI? Was it because its bots had gone astray after inventing their own language? While most of the online content responding to these questions are ambiguous; the truth is aContinue Reading

blockchain in education five use cases

Blockchain in Education and 5 Use Cases to Observe

by Athena Team on July 14, 2018 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

In this post, we are going to discuss top use cases of blockchain in education which are powerful enough to completely alter the way we look at our current education system. With software application development gushing beyond what we could imagine 20 years ago, technology pundits are predicting that blockchain technology will disrupt every possibleContinue Reading

internet of things big data feature image

How Internet of Things Services have Fueled Big Data in Recent Years

by Athena Team on July 10, 2018 under Internet of Things | No comments

Much before the advent of the Internet of Things services, millions of connected sensors & devices which were capable of generating mammoth-sized, unstructured & real-time data were then quite enormous. In order to occupy these billions of networked data, both small and large scale entities moved over to the cloud computing. Internet of Things hasContinue Reading