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Category: Blockchain Technology

We leverage blockchain’s ‘Internet of Value’ to deliver a more sustainable and secure digital foundation for your business.

Interesting Facts About Blockchain Technology – Infographic

by Athena Team on September 20, 2018

Blockchain technology is arguably the first ever technology ever produced that is poised to transform almost everything in the world. It has huge potential that can disrupt anything right from finance and industrial sector to supply chain and federal. With this futuristic technology, every kind of asset can be stored cryptographically without any chance ofContinue Reading

Blockchain in Medical Infographic: Managing Patient Data

by Athena Team on September 11, 2018

This blockchain in medical infographic illustrates how blockchain can be leveraged to store a patient’s record and other crucial data in a distributed ledger. The infographic is a step-by-step illustration of how blockchain works in healthcare. Here is the scenario of a patient who visits a doctor and how the doctor further refers him forContinue Reading

9 Year Old Blockchain in Healthcare Creating Disruption

by Athena Team on September 1, 2018

The revolution of blockchain in healthcare has made its way and it’s only the beginning. There has been momentous growth in digital transformation, ever since the inception of blockchain has taken place. The healthcare players’ major concern is to introduce methods to end compatibility issues which have plagued the industry for years. Blockchain in healthcareContinue Reading

Enterprise Blockchain: Are We Accelerating it Enough

by Athena Team on August 24, 2018

An executive’s guide on enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working with clients from different industries in integrating enterprise blockchain technology into their businesses. During our collective journey, we educated our clients on the business scenarios, guided them in choosing the right blockchain applicationsContinue Reading