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Blockchain In Healthcare - AthenaGT

Blockchain implementation in Healthcare can drive significant difference in the industry

by Athena Team on November 21, 2018 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

Healthcare industry needs revolutionary changes to meet increasing demand in present times.  Healthcare system is progressing to be patient-centric along with latest technology enhancements. Blockchain can breakthrough the patient-oriented industry by increasing the security and interoperability of available data, resulting affordable and appropriate treatment. We explained a few areas, where blockchain can bring substantial improvementsContinue Reading

Big Data - AthenaGT

Learn How Industries Can Mitigate Risk Utilizing Big Data

by Athena Team on November 2, 2018 under Digital | No comments

It’s evident that information is an important resource in the present age of digital transformation. Big Data has been guiding enterprise’s decision making process to be data-driven and also to derive valuable insights. Every business operation may include certain amount of risk and organizations thrive to limit losses that result by adapting suitable risk managementContinue Reading

Athenagt - RPA Services

Robotic Process Automation: A Revolution in Process Automation

by Athena Team on October 26, 2018 under RPA | No comments

In this age of tremendous technological innovations, automation seems to attract experts to turn business more efficient and rapid. In precise, Robotic Process Automation attracts organizations as an emerging technology which automates tedious process of employees. This robust technology lets workforce to concentrate on higher value work and speeds up the process. Adapting RPA technologies inContinue Reading

machine learning finance athena

6 Ways Machine Learning Leveraged by Fintechs to Outshine Competition

by Athena Team on October 8, 2018 under Artificial Intelligence | No comments

Much before the advent of the banking apps and chatbots, machine learning was already in use in finance. However, the enormous growth in the volume of records and considering the quantitative nature of the financial sector, a much-developed machine learning technology was the call of the hour. The old adage goes, ‘Give a man aContinue Reading