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Recommendations for a Successful Digital Transformation

by Team Athena on March 31, 2022 under Digital | No comments

Utilizing digital technologies to create or alter an existing business ecosystem with improved effectiveness is called digital transformation. This is crucial to meet changing business requirements. Digital transformation recreates customer engagements with various smart applications. Digitalization is supporting many smart entrepreneurs by increasing profits and providing tangible benefits. We have listed a few key recommendationsContinue Reading

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Why Every Company Should Consider Business Intelligence to Grow?

by Team Athena on March 21, 2022 under Data Science | No comments

Business intelligence (BI) focuses on utilizing data to derive insights which help in running a profitable business. The methodologies and approaches involved in BI bring out the best actionable outcomes to achieve various business objectives through strategic decision making. Companies should understand the value of data in the present digital age and utilize available resourcesContinue Reading

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Tech Trends to Know in 2021

by Team Athena on March 11, 2022 under Digital | No comments

1. RPA Robotic Process Automation has made its mark as a prominent technology in recent years. Enterprises are inclined towards RPA as it streamlines operations and reduces costs with no complexity. Apart from its benefits like human imitation, virtual system integration, automation of repetitive tasks and reduce costs a few unique features make this technologyContinue Reading

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Real-World Applications of Blockchain

by Team Athena on March 1, 2022 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

Blockchain is a potential technology that can change the way people live. Its implementation benefits a multitude of industries and also changes the world around us. Let’s look into a few real-time use cases of Blockchain which can transform our lives with its scalability, transparency, and immutability. 1. Supply chain management Blockchain provides accurate trackingContinue Reading