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6 AI Tools for CIOs to Streamline their Business Processes

by Team Athena on June 14, 2021 under Artificial Intelligence

Right from Alexa and Siri to Tesla and driverless cars, artificial intelligence has made a quantum leap in the past few years. Experts predict that by the end of this decade new data will be mostly generated by sensors and intelligent devices, thus inevitably reducing our workload. AI tools will be seen integrated to almost everything including traffic lights, MRI scanners, energy grids and heavy industrial machines to name a few.

Thanks to this advanced technology, we will be soon accessing the Internet by transforming any medium say car, front door, refrigerator, and central heating system. By 2020, over a billion ‘connected things’ will be working on artificial intelligence platforms and transform the ways we have been working to date.

Artificial intelligence service offerings are going to be the next big wave in the digital transformation era. AI tools are poised to usher in a paradigm shift just like other big transformations across various industries. Fed by an outpouring of data and traversed by Moore’s Law, this technology is at the heart of today’s technical advancements.

Check out the top 6 AI tools that CIOs can use to scale their business strategies. Continue reading!

If you are willing to leverage the power of AI to automate and streamline your business processes, these 6 artificial intelligence tools could prove to be handy. Here is our infographic of top AI tools for enterprises –

ai tools infographic


We have shared best 6 AI tools for artificial intelligence service seekers. CIOs can consider these amazing tools to streamline their business processes either by building them from scratch or simply integrate them.

As the practical machine learning technologies advance, we hope to see more mature frameworks and tools. In a future post, we will come up with some more advanced and neat tools specially created for the enterprises both large and small.





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