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Key areas to focus while implementing a powerful RPA operating model

by Team Athena on January 28, 2022 under Digital

Companies trying to leverage RPA need to recognize the basic factors associated to reap success. They include capabilities of IT, business operations and other appropriate stakeholders. It encourages companies to design an effective RPA model and furthermore gives structure and guidelines to execute competent automation. The goal of a well-defined RPA operating model is to increase the business value, controlling costs and building foolproof strategies.
Let’s look into a few key areas where businesses should focus on while implementing a powerful RPA operating model.

RPA Centre of Excellence

Businesses must establish an RPA center of excellence (CoE) for more organized operations and business improvements, ensuring a defined corporate strategy. IT team should collaborate with RPA CoE to support automation initiatives. CoE needs to take the responsibility of RPA technology to suggest suitable automation across the organization. It should be able to identify opportunities

Job Roles and responsibilities in a virtual environment

As RPA implementation reduces employee intervention in the process making it virtual, it is important to define roles and responsibilities in terms of resources accountable. Key operational teams responsible for delivering value to the business by collaborating with IT teams must be recognized and should be given clear guidelines.

Software selection and purchases

As technology advances and business goals differ by time, companies should keep using the latest tools in RPA technology. IT team should be involved as it plays a crucial role in understanding and selection of software tools. The operations team also should be involved in need assessment and optimization.

Stakeholder Management

Organizations should set up an effective communication plan between C-suite executives and employees to ensure secured purchases and to asses various factors like controls, staff, and budget. Employees should be educated on RPA’s impact on business growth while saving costs, time and staff.

Change management and governance

Great change management and governance framework ensure excellence across the organization. Operations team must take the responsibility of designing the framework along with IT to avoid repetition. The framework defined committee accountable for program execution, efficiency monitoring, prioritizing processes and suggesting best practices.

Maintenance and support

After RPA implementation, it is important to monitor bot performance. RPA CoE, operations team and IT should work alongside to maintain bot performance and to derive recommendations for further improvements as it is a constant process.

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