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top 5 use cases of blockchain in supply chain

Top 5 Use Cases of Blockchain in Supply Chain Disrupting Inventory

by Athena Team on June 28, 2018 under Blockchain Technology | One comment

Blockchain technology enumerates outstanding visibility, clarity and boosts efficiency across the entire supply chain industry, thereby enabling safe and smooth trading of the commodities. Before we proceed on how blockchain in supply chain is making a paradigm shift and its top 5 use cases, let’s have a quick sneak peek into what blockchain technology isContinue Reading

8-artificial-intelligencequestions every business leader must ask feature image

8 Artificial Intelligence Questions Every Business Leader Must Ask

by Athena Team on June 7, 2018 under Artificial Intelligence | No comments

The world is already on the threshold of a digital insurgency. Over the next 10 years, artificial intelligence will monumentally alter the far-flung swathes of our lifestyle. The global industry is already prepped for this revolutionary change by AI, especially in three core areas – human resources sector, productivity, and customer experiences. Taking this opportunity,Continue Reading