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Blockchain Services- Athenagt

Real-World Applications of Blockchain

by Athena Team on July 23, 2021 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

Blockchain is a potential technology that can change the way people live. Its implementation benefits a multitude of industries and also changes the world around us. Let’s look into a few real-time use cases of Blockchain which can transform our lives with its scalability, transparency, and immutability. 1. Supply chain management Blockchain provides accurate trackingContinue Reading

RPA - AthenaGT

Establishing a High-Performance RPA Capability in Your Organization

by Athena Team on July 20, 2021 under RPA | No comments

A well-defined RPA Capability is essential if the business intends to implement RPA across the organization. It drives the enterprise towards faster ROI and increased customer satisfaction. Since automation is a continuous process including design, implementation, measure, control, and maintenance, an RPA Capability embracing highly skilled staff and advanced technology holds its significance. It needsContinue Reading

Datascience Services - Athena

Data science helping finance sector to achieve enhanced performance

by Athena Team on July 16, 2021 under Data Science | One comment

Advancements in data science and related technologies are resulting in a rapid increase in model development and implementation across various sectors. The finance industry is also leveraging big data to achieve tangible benefits. Banks and other financial institutions are utilizing big data along with ML and other technologies to improve customer experience and fraud detection.Continue Reading


Key areas to focus while implementing a powerful RPA operating model

by Athena Team on July 13, 2021 under Digital | No comments

Companies trying to leverage RPA need to recognize the basic factors associated to reap success. They include capabilities of IT, business operations and other appropriate stakeholders. It encourages companies to design an effective RPA model and furthermore gives structure and guidelines to execute competent automation. The goal of a well-defined RPA operating model is toContinue Reading