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How Chatbots can reconstruct the Healthcare industry?

by Team Athena on January 7, 2022 under Digital | No comments

Isn’t it convenient conversing on personal health conditions rather than entering health information on UI? It’s also the time concern which is letting most of the people in recent times, use chatbots on the website compared to a phone call or any other channel. Chatbots are the perfect fit for the above scenario. This isContinue Reading

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How Artificial Intelligence can transform the E-Commerce industry for better?

by Team Athena on December 28, 2021 under Artificial Intelligence | No comments

In the present digital age, adoption of a prospective technology, Artificial Intelligence has been growing among businesses. From predicting market trends to warning on frauds, AI is helping companies to stay ahead of time and to act proactively in the growing competitive world. E-Commerce can be benefited by AI in multiple verticals. Businesses in thisContinue Reading

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Assumptions businesses should stop making while implementing RPA

by Team Athena on December 17, 2021 under RPA | One comment

Many companies in finance, insurance, banking, and healthcare industries are opening their doors to Robotic Process Automation. Their key drivers could be more than just ROI. The expectations could be on Cost Reduction, Talent Focus, Quality Assurance, Scalability, Speed, and Customer Satisfaction. To achieve RPA success and reach business goals companies should avoid the belowContinue Reading

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What makes the Data Science improvements for Cybersecurity remarkable?

by Team Athena on December 7, 2021 under Data Science | One comment

Companies across the globe are trying to make the most out of data science advancements. They are also successful in creating data-driven ecosystems and obtaining valuable business insights through data science, which yields tangible benefits. Standout technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation create a complex integrated network.Continue Reading