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Category: Blockchain Technology

We leverage blockchain’s ‘Internet of Value’ to deliver a more sustainable and secure digital foundation for your business.

Real-World Applications of Blockchain

by Team Athena on March 1, 2022

Blockchain is a potential technology that can change the way people live. Its implementation benefits a multitude of industries and also changes the world around us. Let’s look into a few real-time use cases of Blockchain which can transform our lives with its scalability, transparency, and immutability. 1. Supply chain management Blockchain provides accurate trackingContinue Reading

7 Ways Start-ups Can leverage Blockchain

by Team Athena on October 12, 2021

The blockchain, a revolutionary technology in recent times can do much more than just cryptocurrencies. The potential of blockchain reached way beyond our imagination. The digital disruption of blockchain technology is impacting all major industries in multiple ways. Here, let’s discuss about a few areas, where start-ups can unleash the power of blockchain implementation inContinue Reading

Blockchain implementation in Healthcare can drive significant difference in the industry

by Team Athena on September 21, 2021

Healthcare industry needs revolutionary changes to meet increasing demand in present times.  Healthcare system is progressing to be patient-centric along with latest technology enhancements. Blockchain can breakthrough the patient-oriented industry by increasing the security and interoperability of available data, resulting affordable and appropriate treatment. We explained a few areas, where blockchain can bring substantial improvementsContinue Reading

Interesting Facts About Blockchain Technology – Infographic

by Team Athena on July 13, 2021

Blockchain technology is arguably the first ever technology ever produced that is poised to transform almost everything in the world. It has huge potential that can disrupt anything right from finance and industrial sector to supply chain and federal. With this futuristic technology, every kind of asset can be stored cryptographically without any chance ofContinue Reading