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Category: Artificial Intelligence

Our AI services encompass everything from tailored and real-time customer interactions to dedicated processes, followed by less to no errors, virtual predictive and diagnostic applications.

How Artificial Intelligence can transform the E-Commerce industry for better?

by Team Athena on December 28, 2021

In the present digital age, adoption of a prospective technology, Artificial Intelligence has been growing among businesses. From predicting market trends to warning on frauds, AI is helping companies to stay ahead of time and to act proactively in the growing competitive world. E-Commerce can be benefited by AI in multiple verticals. Businesses in thisContinue Reading

6 Ways Machine Learning Leveraged by Fintechs to Outshine Competition

by Team Athena on August 23, 2021

Much before the advent of the banking apps and chatbots, machine learning was already in use in finance. However, the enormous growth in the volume of records and considering the quantitative nature of the financial sector, a much-developed machine learning technology was the call of the hour. The old adage goes, ‘Give a man aContinue Reading

6 AI Technologies that will Dominate 2019

by Team Athena on July 23, 2021

AI technologies, machine learning, and automation are poised to recast not only the modern enterprise but the world as we know it. By becoming early adopters companies have started making the paradigm shift through synergies which are intended to alter the way enterprises deal with their customers. Thought leaders are redefining the computerized data managementContinue Reading

6 AI Tools for CIOs to Streamline their Business Processes

by Team Athena on June 14, 2021

Right from Alexa and Siri to Tesla and driverless cars, artificial intelligence has made a quantum leap in the past few years. Experts predict that by the end of this decade new data will be mostly generated by sensors and intelligent devices, thus inevitably reducing our workload. AI tools will be seen integrated to almostContinue Reading