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Category: Data Science

Our data scientists facilitate frictionless and rapid call to actions to design models that can bring “art of the possible” solutioning to your business.

Why Every Company Should Consider Business Intelligence to Grow?

by Team Athena on March 21, 2022

Business intelligence (BI) focuses on utilizing data to derive insights which help in running a profitable business. The methodologies and approaches involved in BI bring out the best actionable outcomes to achieve various business objectives through strategic decision making. Companies should understand the value of data in the present digital age and utilize available resourcesContinue Reading

Data science helping finance sector to achieve enhanced performance

by Team Athena on February 8, 2022

Advancements in data science and related technologies are resulting in a rapid increase in model development and implementation across various sectors. The finance industry is also leveraging big data to achieve tangible benefits. Banks and other financial institutions are utilizing big data along with ML and other technologies to improve customer experience and fraud detection.Continue Reading

What makes the Data Science improvements for Cybersecurity remarkable?

by Team Athena on December 7, 2021

Companies across the globe are trying to make the most out of data science advancements. They are also successful in creating data-driven ecosystems and obtaining valuable business insights through data science, which yields tangible benefits. Standout technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation create a complex integrated network.Continue Reading

6 Data Science Use Cases in Healthcare

by Team Athena on November 17, 2021

Since there are multiple sources to collect healthcare information, data science can be utilized efficiently to yield better advancements in the healthcare industry, through appropriate decision making. Data gathered from patient behaviour, proven care methods, response and other information can provide insights to improve operations in this patient-oriented industry. Let’s discuss a few major useContinue Reading