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Category: RPA

Industries today face a cut throat competition amongst in order to be at the zenith, they need to act smart and work effectively. Majority of the smart companies today have adopted Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automation in order to improve productivity.

Establishing a High-Performance RPA Capability in Your Organization

by Team Athena on February 18, 2022

A well-defined RPA Capability is essential if the business intends to implement RPA across the organization. It drives the enterprise towards faster ROI and increased customer satisfaction. Since automation is a continuous process including design, implementation, measure, control, and maintenance, an RPA Capability embracing highly skilled staff and advanced technology holds its significance. It needsContinue Reading

Assumptions businesses should stop making while implementing RPA

by Team Athena on December 17, 2021

Many companies in finance, insurance, banking, and healthcare industries are opening their doors to Robotic Process Automation. Their key drivers could be more than just ROI. The expectations could be on Cost Reduction, Talent Focus, Quality Assurance, Scalability, Speed, and Customer Satisfaction. To achieve RPA success and reach business goals companies should avoid the belowContinue Reading

Potential RPA use cases in multiple industries and its benefits: Infographic

by Team Athena on November 27, 2021

RPA is considered to be a game changer in the present age. Businesses are adopting various tools and the number increases every year. Thus, the need of integration arises but legacy systems might not support integration with modern tools. RPA brings a solution to such complexities. Another reason companies show interest in RPA implementation isContinue Reading

RPA Predictions for 2019: Infographic

by Team Athena on October 22, 2021

RPA has delivered a great competitive edge to the businesses in 2018, since it can save labor and time to concentrate on the more creative aspects to keep companies growing. RPA market is expected to reach maturity in 2019. Now, let’s look into a few of the interesting predictions of RPA for 2019. Click hereContinue Reading