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difference between blockchain and distributed ledger

Difference Between Blockchain and Distributed Ledger

by Athena Team on September 6, 2018 under Digital | No comments

Over the past two years, the tech world has been witnessing a meteoric rise of blockchain and distributed ledger. These revolutionary applications are no more confined to cryptocurrency. Instead, their potential is now leveraged across various industries including supply chain, KYC, credit score, insurance, and healthcare to name a few. In 2017, the global blockchainContinue Reading

blockchain-in healthcare feature mage athena

9 Year Old Blockchain in Healthcare Creating Disruption

by Athena Team on September 1, 2018 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

The revolution of blockchain in healthcare has made its way and it’s only the beginning. There has been momentous growth in digital transformation, ever since the inception of blockchain has taken place. The healthcare players’ major concern is to introduce methods to end compatibility issues which have plagued the industry for years. Blockchain in healthcareContinue Reading

enterprise blockchain feature image

Enterprise Blockchain: Are We Accelerating it Enough

by Athena Team on August 24, 2018 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

An executive’s guide on enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working with clients from different industries in integrating enterprise blockchain technology into their businesses. During our collective journey, we educated our clients on the business scenarios, guided them in choosing the right blockchain applicationsContinue Reading

Blockchain for Drug Supply Chain and Its Application to DSCSA

by Athena Team on August 17, 2018 under Blockchain Technology | No comments

In this post, we are going to share blockchain for drug supply chain use case in length. This exclusive post will help you realize how blockchain has injected not only financial and enterprise-data applications but also supply chain industry as well. As per a recent survey, 64% of the pharmaceutical companies have either integrated orContinue Reading